Located in western part of Canada with welcoming warm summers and cold winters, Alberta is a land noted for spectacular opportunity, beauty, healthy environment, lively community, strong diversity & economy, also it is the popular 3 prairie provinces of Canada.


  • Strategic Recruitment
  • Employer-Driven
  • Self Employed Farmer

Strategic Recruitment stream is applicable for those desiring to work & live permanently in Alberta.


  • Provide Alberta trade Certificates.
  • Provide valid work permit as applicable.
  • Work experience when applying as Engineer/Designer/Drafter.
  • Educational qualifications from educational institute attended in Alberta.
  • Must be language proficient when falling into NOC ‘C’.
  • Show intention to stay in Alberta.

Employer Driven stream is for applicant whose employer nominates them to work in their respective firms.


  • Must be Canadian university graduate.
  • Show valid work permit.
  • Intention to stay in Alberta.

Self Employed Farmer stream applies to those who want to buy land & do farming practices.


  • Relevant agricultural qualification & experiences.
  • Able to show min. $500,000 CAD.
  • Minimum language skills in English/French.