Student Visa

Admission to Canada is soaring over the years at high rates. All thanks to friendly visa policies, fast track system & initiatives taken by Canadian government that attract foreign students with minimum working days to process their application suited to its esteemed educational system.


  • Test Scores (IELTS / TEF).
  • Letter of acceptance/scholarship, fee receipt from school, college, university or other educational institutions in Canada.
  • Academic certificates/paperwork.
  • Financial docs to cover tuition/living/transportation/accompanying member expenses.
  • Must be a law-abiding citizen with no criminal records.
  • Provide a police certificate.
  • Must have good health with willing to give medical examination, as applicable.
  • Must commit to leave Canada upon completion of your studies.


  • World class Canadian education system.
  • Foreign students can work part time within respective campus while studying.
  • Post 6 months of visa students can apply to work outside campus.
  • Future employment opportunities with great work experience.
  • Explore Canada’s culture, diverse landscape.
  • Foreign students can stay up to 2 years in Canada & be eligible to apply for post-graduate visa.
  • Can apply for PR to settle & work in Canada for overall growth.
  • Bring family members to live here.

Visa Validity

  • For students of grade 1 – 8 visa is valid for 1 year.
  • For grade 9 – 12, college/university students’ visa validity is equal to study completion period plus 90 complimentary days added.
  • For major degrees visa validity stays up to completion of course.
  • For minors studying in Quebec validity of visa is same with respect to Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ).
  • For minors/children/dependent of residential Canadians having long term work/study permits their visa is valid until the resident’s stay period is over.

Visa Extension

Students desiring to increase their stay days in Canada must apply for renewal 30 days prior to their current visa expiry date.

Visa Exception

Applicants need not apply for student permit if they want take course or program that lasts for 6 months or less in Canada.